About Me

Hi I am Alex Ye. Currently, I’m a Research Associate working at BLC lab in Hong Kong PolyU and you can visit my page.

I am deeply fascinated by the intersection of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics. My primary research focus is on leveraging neuroscience methodologies to explore the brain’s language processing mechanisms. This encompasses language learning in natural settings, as well as social and spatial information processing. I also employ computational models to analyze multimodal data gathered from natural or quasi-natural environments, aiming to emulate real-life language processing in the brain.

In my leisure time I enjoy cooking, hiking, swimming and K-pop.


2021-2022 Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA, Psychology.

Thesis: “A Meta-Analysis on the N1 Print Tuning Effect in Early and Late N1 Time Window”
Supervisor: Dr. Urs Maurer

2019-2020 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA, Linguistics.
2015-2019 Beijing Sport University, BA, English.

Thesis: “A Corpus-based Study on Gender Awareness in Sports News: Taking China Daily and The Guardian as Examples”
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Yumei Song


Research Associate, BLC Lab, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PI: Dr. Andrew Ping Li
Description: In my current role, I actively engage in a variety of responsibilities:

Research Assistant, BLC Lab, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PI: Dr. Andrew Ping Li
Description: I investigated the brain’s acquisition of new words in Virtual Reality (VR) through EEG and VR equipment. The majority of my analyses are performed using the EEGLAB and FieldTrip pipeline, with VR settings collaboratively designed with my team. In addition to traditional EEG signal analyses, we incorporated computational models for more comprehensive data interpretation.

NeuroMatch Academy - Computational Neuroscience Summer Course

Description: I acquired proficiency in constructing computational models of biological brain structures using machine learning and deep learning techniques. Additionally, I gained expertise in analyzing fMRI data using Python. For more information, please refer to the NMA project under the Projects section on my personal website.

Research Assistant, Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PI: Dr. Caicai Zhang
Description: In the project “The neural encoding of productive phonological alternation in speech production: Evidence from Mandarin Tone 3 sandhi”, I took the initiative to engage in experiments 2 and 3. I applied event-related experimental paradigms in conducting EEG experiments, and utilized BESA for data preprocessing. I also incorporated the FieldTrip toolbox to perform cluster-based permutation tests. Although the results were not significant and only experiment 1 was published (which I did not participate in), I found the experience invaluable in honing my skills in data collection and analysis.

Research Assistant, Linguistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

PI: Dr. Shuxiang You
Description: Literature review and information collection.

Research Skills

Neuroimaging Experiment/Analysis (EEG/fMRI)
Data Analysis (Python/R/Matlab)
Virtual Reality (C#/Unity)
Machine/Deep Learning (Sklearn/PyTorch)
Website Building (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
Speech Analysis (Praat/Audacity/CLAN)
Adobe Creative Toolkit (Photoshop/Premiere/After Effect)