About Me

Hi I am Alex Ye :wave: and I like to know about how our brain works! I’m working at BLC lab in Hong Kong PolyU right now and you can visit my page.

I’m interested in studying psychology and language using neuroimaging methods such as EEG and fMRI. My major focus of study is language perception and comprehension (listening and reading especially). Still, I’m also interested in visual and auditory processing in general. I also like to use computational models to analyze data.

In my leisure time I enjoy cooking, hiking, swimming and K-pop :laughing:

If you’d like to know more about me, feel free to see my CV here :smile:.

Research Skills

Neuroimaging Experiment/Analysis (EEG/fMRI)


Data Analysis (Python/R/Matlab)


Virtual Reality (C#/Unity)


Machine/Deep Learnng (Sklearn/PyTorch)


Website Building (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)


Other Skills

Speech Analysis (Praat/Audacity/CLAN)


Adobe Creative Toolkit (Photoshop/Premiere/After Effect)


Music Creation (Garageband)


3D Modeling (C4D/Unity/MMD)


Research Assistant, BLC Lab, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2022 — present
Prof. Andrew Ping Li

I analyzed how the brain learn new words in Virtual Reality using a combination of EEG and VR equipments. I use EEGLAB and FieldTrip pipeline for the majority of the analyses and designed the VR settings with my colleagues. Along with traditional EEG signal analyses we also involve deep learning models to further analyze our data.

NeuroMatch Academy - Computational Neuroscience Summer Course

2022.07 — 2022.08

I learned how to build cmputational models of biological structures in our brain with machine learning and deep learning. Along with methods to analyze fMRI data using Python. For details please see "NMA project" in the project column of my personal website :)

Master Student, Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2021 — 2022
Prof. Urs Maurer

My graduation thesis is a meta-analysis about the N1 print tuning effect in EEG. Supervised by Urs Maurer.

Research Assistant, Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2021.01 — 2021.08
Prof. Caicai Zhang

I was responsible for EEG data collection and analysis. I monitored the whole process of experiment and did the pre-processing for further analysis. I was also responsible for running the Matlab script with raw data to get the final analysis results.

Research Assistant, Linguistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2020.09 — 2021.01
Prof. Shuxiang You

Responsible for conducting literature review and information collection.

Master Student, Linguistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2019 — 2020